James Trinh

Homework 2
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I feel that the uses of AR technology like this through the phone is better than using it through an Augmented Reality glasses. The primary reason is that it creates a lot of visual clutter if we start to rely on it and our sight will be come decieved. If I wore an AR glasses, I wouldn't want to constantly take it off and on to get rid of the clutter. If this were to become a part of everyday life, then it would definitely need settings and feature that lets us choose what we see. But I feel that it would also be a danger if everyone chose what they see, as this would be like a search engine feeding us information of what we want to hear, rather than giving us fact that may contradict our thoughts and reasons with our opinions. There's also the risk of hackers as well as with every network base technology.

On the other hand, if we enter a museum and every exhibit has its own AR scene, then either with the phone or glasses would be really cool. Having it on the phone would be best at first since not everyone can afford and AR glasses, and it would be silly for the museum to supply AR glasses for everyone at once as they are more expensive to replace. I feel that in the near future, VR glasses should link to the phone or some kind of external device until our technology improve and support the battery life of them. Perhaps a wireless charger built into your pillow when you sleep with it on or in the headrest of busses if public transportation becomes more common.